Read carefully these Basic Terms and Conditions, which are part of the lease agreement.


We provide you with the vehicle and all the mandatory safety equipment in a reliable condition. You must return the vehicle and the optional additives to the same condition that you received them. Carefully check the vehicle before driving.

You must provide a valid vehicle driver’s license, ID or passport, and credit card (Visa or Mastercard) and you must be present at the collection. Without the above documents, the vehicle cannot be rented and the lessee will be charged without performance fees. Copies of the above documents are not accepted. Check the vehicle before receipt to agree to the delivery status.


Fines and violations:  All fines and administrative penalties that come from the driver’s fault fully burden the employee. 

Safety * (a copy of the security documents is available inside the vehicle and is also sent electronically to the lessee):  All drivers mentioned in the contract are exempt from damage to the rental car by fire, and are insured with. Both coverage is subject to the general terms of the contract of the Company with its Insurance company.

Rental period:  

The rental period may not be less than 3 days while the vehicle will have to be delivered on the exact date and time. In case of delivery delay, a new rental day is charged again.

Pricing Policy:

The values posted on  are reported and charged in euros. 

All prices include F.P.A..

The vehicle cannot be received unless all the payment and withholding of the Guarantee is made.

Rental costs: 

Rental costs per day as well as extra services are posted on which may change for a period of time. 


The amounts are paid with the prescribed Online procedures or by deposit in a bank account before receipt of the vehicle. Any rental extensions or additional equipment, payment should be made in exactly the same way on the day of expansion.

The lessee must present a credit card accepted by it to cover the amounts relating to the guarantee of the extra charges


For rent in Greece, upon receipt of the car, the amount of the credit guarantee from the driver’s card will be pledged (here. The release of the amount can take up to 14 days depending on the card’s issuing bank and if there is no damage to the vehicle

The amount of the guarantee is set at 1500 euros

Rental abroad: It is not initially possible

Transfer to ship:

They are not covered by any insurance, any damage that will be caused to the rental car during boarding.

Roadside Assistance:

  • The service covers any technical or mechanical malfunction of the vehicle resulting from construction damage or material making.
  •  In case of malfunction, the lessee is not allowed to make repairs or changes to the vehicle, unless approved by the company.
  • In case of immobilization of a vehicle due to mechanical failure, or accident, and if it is not possible to repair on site.



The Owner rents, delivers and grants to the Renter, in accordance with the terms and provisions of this agreement, the use of a particular motorhome, with its parts and equipment, tools, keys, license plates and all relevant documents. The above motorhome including all the components and equipment, also described in , shall hereinafter be referred to as the “Motorhome”.


The duration of this rental is set in and starts from the date of signing of this agreement. At the end of the above period and on the specific date listed in , the Renter is obliged to deliver the Motorhome to the Owner at the address listed in , which is the owner’s office. The minimum rental period is set tο 3 full day).


The Motorhome belongs to the full ownership of the Owner throughout the Rental Period. This is exclusively a rental agreement, and the Renter acknowledges that it has no rights other than those listed in this agreement. It is forbidden for the Renter to sell or rent the Motorhome in any way, to grant the use or to preserve any kind of rights on it in favor of third parties. The Renter is not and in no way can be considered a representative of the Owner.


The Renter is allowed to drive the Motorhome exclusively within the framework of the agreed provisions of this contract. The Renter hereby declares that he holds a driving license of a passenger car (B2) for a period of at least three (3) years and has completed the 23rd year of his age, while he has not exceeded the 70th year of his age. In case of a false declaration of the Renter, the Owner reserves all its legal rights against the Renter.

 The Renter is obliged to take care of the Motorhome, to carefully check its mechanical condition, the level of oils, coolant, tire pressure, etc., as well as to show all diligence – to the extent of the average diligent person – taking any necessary measures for the smooth and normal operation of the Motorhome. Any repair and general intervention in the Motorhome by the Renter, or any other third party is prohibited without the prior written approval of the Owner.

The Motorhome is not allowed to be used in the ways listed below:

  1. For driving by any third party – not contracted in this agreement, without the prior consent and written approval of the Owner.
  2. For the transfer of people or things for a fare / price / fee.
  3. For participation in speed races.
  4. For subletting to third parties (Article 59, Greek Civil Law Book).
  5. For the transport or handling of heavy luggage or objects, flammable materials, dirty or smelly objects, drugs, weapons or any other objects, the possession and transport of which is prohibited by the Greek Law or may pose any risk to the safety of the passengers or third parties.
  6. Outside the Greek Territory without the prior written approval of the Owner.
  7. If the driver of the Motorhome is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, drugs, barbiturates or any other substance that affects the driver’s ability to drive and the senses or is generally in a state of reduced ability to drive and perceive.
  8. In violation of any traffic, customs or any other applicable provision.
  9. For purposes other than that of the purposes of the rental.
  10. For towing other cars, vehicles, trailers etc.

It is agreed hereby that smoking, the use of electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products inside the Motorhome are prohibited. In case of non-compliance with this sub-paragraph, the Renter will be charged with the cost of biological cleaning of the Motorhome.

It is also explicitly agreed that pets are prohibited inside the area of the Motorhome, unless they are in a special “place” of transport and always after consultation with the Owner.

The Renter states that he knows that the Motorhome can park in places like all other passenger vehicles. It is forbidden to camp in archeological sites, beaches, public forest edges and generally common areas. Common areas are squares, parks, etc., but not the roads. The Renter must carefully park the Motorhome in appropriate places and not proceed to actions that constitute free camping (development of benches, awning, etc.). However, the stay and overnight stay of the Motorhome in an organized and not in a free camping area is indicated and recommended. Possible fines from the competent authorities due to violation of the above terms shall be paid exclusively by the Renter.

The Renter is prohibited from attempting to travel with the Motorhome outside the Greek territory as mentioned.

The Renter must not transport with the Motorhome persons who reside illegally within the Greek territory.


The Motorhome was delivered today to the Tenant in perfect condition and free from any defects. The Renter carefully inspected the Motorhome, carried out a test drive, found it to his absolute liking and received it unreservedly after all the points of damage were noted (if and when they exist upon receipt).

The Renter is obliged to return to the Owner the Motorhome together with the Motorhome’s license documents and all the relevant documents in the same condition he received them and at the place and time specified in , which is the Owner’s office.

If there is a difference in the amount of fuel as shown on the relevant indicator on the dashboard of the Motorhome at the time of delivery in relation to the quantity it had at the time of receipt and as noted in I, the Renter is charged and pays the corresponding amount in Euros at the time of the delivery of the Motorhome to the Owner otherwise this amount is deducted from the paid guarantee.

In the event of any delay in the delivery of the Motorhome to the Owner, without prior notice by the Renter, the Owner is entitled to seek its immediate recovery through legal -civil and criminal- procedures, as the Motorhome will be then deemed as stolen.

In any case, the Renter is obliged to pay the additional daily rent corresponding to the days of delay in delivery of the Motorhome, taking into account that the minimum rental fee corresponds to 24 hours (1 day).

In addition, in this case the Owner is entitled to claim any damage that exists, if he loses the right to use and operate the Motorhome, and possibly due to the general discomforts created in the smooth – scheduled rental of the Motorhomes of the Owner. The Owner in case of delay in the delivery by the Renter has the right to withhold the amount due from the paid guarantee mentioned in .


In case the Motorhome is immobilized due to a breakdown or accident, the Owner is obliged to provide, after telephone notification of the Renter, another Motorhome of similar type, dimensions and space to the immobilized Motorhome, temporarily and until the repair of the immobilized one is completed. The obligation of temporary replacement does not extend in the case of immobilization of the rented Motorhome as a result of removal of the license plates due to violation of the Greek Road Traffic Code by the Renter or the other drivers of . In case of non-availability of another Motorhome due to force majeure the Renter may withdraw from this contract / private contract. The Owner is not obliged to make any compensation to the Renter, unless, due to deceit or gross negligence, he did not make the above replacement. The Tenant in this case does not retain any rights against the Owner other than those explicitly provided by the Greek Civil Code. Especially in cases where the Motorhome is immobilized for a minor reason (e.g. tire, starter, etc.) and it is possible to make it usable again within 24 hours, the Renter agrees, after consultation with the Owner, to accept the repair of the Motorhome without its replacement.


The Owner is obliged to provide 24-hour roadside assistance coverage within the Greek Territory at its own expense, in cooperation with a legally operating roadside assistance company.


The Renter must show the police or administrative authorities the documents that will be requested (such as driving license, motor insurance policy of the motorhome, etc.).

In case of imposition of any fine (for example illegal parking, illegal camping, violation of traffic lights or sign-plate, speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, etc.) and / or any fines by the competent authorities the Renter is obliged to notify the Owner upon delivery of the vehicle, and in any case, within 24 hours from the time of the imposition of the fine by the authorities and is obliged to provide all relevant and accurate information and to cooperate in any way with the Owner in anything required for the legal discharge of the Owner. The Owner bears no responsibility for the payment of any fines imposed due to the Renter’s violations. The Renter is liable exclusively for the above-mentioned fines imposed on him or the drivers of or on a third driver of the Motorhome and concerning the Motorhome or themselves during the rental period.

In case of any omission of the Renter to take the above actions in time, he is additionally responsible for the financial recovery of the Owner for any additional positive and negative damage, as well as for any additional burden that the Owner will suffer due to this situation. In the event that, for any reason, the Owner is charged on behalf of the Renter the total or part of the above expenses, then the Owner will invoice with the above amounts the Renter, who is obliged to repay the Owner on the same day.

In case of seizure of the Vehicle by the competent authorities due to illegal use by the Renter or a third party with whom the Renter traded against this contract, the Renter will owe to the Owner in addition to the positive and negative damage suffered from his actions. Further claims of the Owner for tortious liability of the Renter are not excluded.


The present agreement takes precedence over any other prior written or verbal agreement between the Owner and the Renter.

 In any case in which the Renter violates or attempts to violate any of its obligations under this or in cases where the information and other data provided to the Owner is not accurate, the Owner is entitled at its absolute choice either to adhere to this contract, demanding the full restoration of any positive or negative damage to it or to terminate this contract. In case of termination of this contract, the Owner is entitled to exercise all its property and prefectural rights in accordance with the provisions of the Greek Civil Code.

This agreement may be terminated by the Owner in case of bankruptcy, filing an application for the declaration of bankruptcy of the Renter.

9.4 In the event that the Owner perceives, in any way, that the vehicle is being driven illegally or in violation of any of the present terms, the Owner has the right to terminate the rental agreement of at any time. With the termination of the rental agreement, there is an automatic termination of the rental of the Motorhome.

9.5 The Owner may withdraw from the contract if the delivery of the Motorhome becomes impossible due to an event for which it bears no responsibility (theft of the motor caravan, its destruction by accident, etc.).


In case of accident or any other incident (fire, theft, loss, involvement in a car accident, etc.) the Renter is obliged to immediately follow the following procedure:

  1. To notify the police.
  2. To note the names and addresses of eyewitnesses as well as any person involved in the above incidents.
  3. To recognize absolutely no claims of third parties.
  4. To make contact immediately by telephone or by any other means with the Owner on the emergency telephones that are shown in and the Renter notes upon receipt.
  5. To collect any relevant information from any third party as well as any relevant document or other evidence (e.g. photographs, etc.) and send it to the Owner.
  6. To complete and sign a relevant statement (accident, etc.).


If the Motorhome suffers damage – malfunction or loss during the term of the rent which is not covered by the insurance contract, the Renter is obliged, regardless of his fault, to immediately pay to the Owner and without objection an amount equal to the value of the repair cost based on the assessment of a repair shop of the Owner’s choice (it is clarified in this case that the spare parts to be used will only be genuine), and in case of loss, an amount equal to the current commercial sale value, plus the relevant taxes and license plate costs, as compensation for the total loss of use, with except in the following cases: a) theft of the car, which occurred despite the fact that the Renter has fully complied with the terms of this and any further provisions of applicable law, and b) occurrence of damage – malfunction, which occurred despite the fact that the Renter has fully complied with the terms of this and any further provisions of the current legislation and the Greek Road Traffic Code and which cases are covered by the insurance policy.

Especially, in case of loss of the Motorhome keys that have been delivered to the Renter upon receipt, the Renter is obliged to immediately inform the Owner, on the phones listed in , in order for the Owner to send spare keys, without the Renter trying to start up the Motorhome, while the cost of a new key is borne by the Renter based on the relevant receipt from the dealership of the Motorhome that will issue the new keys. In case the keys remain locked in the vehicle, for any reason, the Renter is obliged to immediately inform the Owner in order for the Owner to either send a second spare key, or to arrange for a specialized locksmith to open the vehicle. The corresponding cost of sending a key and / or locksmith services is borne entirely and exclusively by the Renter, based on the relevant receipt.


The Owner is obligated to insure the Motorhomes throughout the duration of the present rental as defined in the insurance contract. The provided coverage is in effect on the condition that the Motorhome is being used in absolute accordance with the terms and conditions hereof. Otherwise, the Renter is fully and exclusively responsible for the reparation of any damage or malfunction and has absolutely no claim against the Owner. The Owner is responsible for possible car accidents to the extent provided by the insurance contract. The rented Motorhomes are insured with a recognized and legally operating insurance company, with the diligence, responsibility and expenses of the Owner. A copy of the insurance policy is available inside the Motorhome.

The Owner is appointed beneficiary of the insurance in case of occurrence of insurance danger throughout the term of the rent, except for any covered risks of death, total disability, partial disability and hospitalization, where the beneficiary of the corresponding insurance is the Renter.

The Renter is charged with the entire cost of restoring damages, whether that concerns the Motorhome or damages inflicted to third parties from grounds for which he/she was responsible or those mentioned in Chapter I other drivers and there was no insurance coverage obligation from Owner’s side in accordance to the terms hereof.

The Renter is fully liable and obligated to fully restore and above the guarantee amount any damage which is not covered from the relevant insurance contract, a copy of which is found within the Motorhome along with the relevant information leaflet which the Renter carefully read. The relevant insurance copy has also been sent to the e-mail address of the Renter in order for him/her to read it prior to signing this.

The Owner has the right to receive directly any amount paid from the insurance companies as per the relevant agreements, in case any insurance danger occurs. The renter neither has nor receives any right or claim on the aforementioned amounts other than the cases of bodily injury or death.


The road taxes of the rented Motorhome is being paid on time with diligence, responsibility and expenses of the Owner, which also supplies on time the rented vehicles with the necessary legal documents.


The Owner is responsible to maintain and repair on its own expenses the rented Motorhomes according to the specifications of the periodic maintenance and repairs (service) as defined from the maintenance and repair manuals of their respective manufacturers and to supply the Renter with the required mandatory technical checks certificates as required by the current legislation, like Vehicle Technical Control (V.T.C.), exhaust gas card, etc.

The Owner is obliged to repair at its own expenses mechanical and electrical parts and components of the rented vehicles as well as their metal frame (body shop), if the repair becomes necessary due to wear and tear from normal usage. Normal usage is the usage, according to the vehicle’s manufacturer, related to the vehicle’s purpose.

The Owner is obliged to replace at its own expenses the car tires of the rented vehicles with tires of relevant specifications in relation to the tires originally fitted by the manufacturer of the vehicles, every time after the completion of the designated kilometers.

The maintenance and repairs of the rented Motorhomes will always be conducted at authorized repair shops all over Greece and while always using genuine spare parts.


The Owner is responsible only in case of deceit or heavy negligence. In every other case (including light negligence, luck or force majeure) the Owner does not bear any responsibility and no claim can be made against him.


The Owner is entitled at its absolute discretion with a relevant statement to the Renter, to designate any third natural or legal person who is substituted without exception of all the rights and obligations of the Owner arising from this contract. The Renter is not entitled to cede any of its rights or obligations arising from this contract.


Non exercise or delayed exercise of the rights of the contracting parties as described in the present agreement does not constitute and cannot be considered as a waiver of them.


All parties unabashedly and freely agree that for every main or ancillary difference which will come up from the present private agreement, applicable law is the Greek Law.

Any difference which arises from the present (contract) including differences concerning interpretation falls under the executive jurisdiction of Thessaloniki court, for all jurisdiction levels, apart from the Supreme Court.

All the terms of this are considered by the contracting parties as essential and they accept explicitly and irrevocably each and every one of them as well as all of them in total as a unified text, which constitutes the entire agreement between herein described contracting parties and supersedes against any other agreement whether written or verbal. Potential violation of any of these terms bears the consequences as aforementioned in Article 9.

Contracting parties agree that in case of any difference resulting from the present contract/private agreement, they are obligated, prior resorting to a pertinent court, to investigate the possibility of resolving their difference (dispute) via intermediation, by choosing a certified mediator which they commonly accept from the registry of accredited mediators kept by the Ministry of Justice.

The headings of the articles are for the convenience of the parties only and may not be used for the interpretation of this.