You can book BEECAMPER vehicles using the following ways:

  • At our headquarters
  • By phone 2392073300
  • Via the website
  • You must have with you an identity card, a passport for hirers outside Greece, a driving license, a credit card (in the name of the leaser).
  • You should keep in mind that the vehicle is delivered when all the terms and conditions of payment procedures are met.

To pick up a vehicle you must have paid the reservation and the guarantee must have been withheld.

The payment of the reservation and of the additional services is made either through, either by bank transfer or by cash at our headquarters, with repayment of the entire amount or by giving 50% deposit.

The guarantee is withheld the moment you receive the vehicle, via your credit card.

  • If the cancellation is up to 60 days before the reservation, the full amount of the deposit is refunded .
  • If the cancellation is made up to 45 days before the reservation, 75% of the deposit will be refunded.
  • If the cancellation is made up to 30 days before the reservation, 50% of the deposit is refunded.
  • If the cancellation is made in the last 15 days, 100% of the deposit is withheld.

You will find the services of each vehicle separately in the vehicle profile at

Any additional driver can be registered upon delivery of the vehicle. For an extra driver the same regulations apply as for the leaser. The responsibility of the additional driver is upon the driver in whose name the reservation has been made.

The hirer and drivers must be at least 23 years old up to 80 years old. Class B license or equivalent for vehicles with a total permissible weight up to 3,500 kg and class C for a total weight of over 3,500 kg. The drivers with category B and C driving licenses must have a driving license for at least three years.

  • The maintenance cost includes gas cylinders and chemicals for the toilet waste and for the neutralization of unpleasant smells. It also includes a detailed preparation of the vehicle’s interior together with complete disinfection. An exterior cleaning of the vehicle when returned is also included. Additionally, all the kitchenware (pots, pans, dishes, cups, silverware) are included and free to use. Finally, you will find all the information necessary for the correct usage and handling of the vehicle and all its operations to ensure a pleasant and comfortable journey.

    The interior of the vehicle must be returned in the same condition as when the rental starts.

  • From 3 to 7 days, 200 kilometers per day.
  • From 7 days onwards the kilometers are unlimited.
  • Every extra kilometer is 0.25 euro cents.

With the caravan, you can park anywhere just like with the conventional car. Greek law prohibits free camping, that is, the opening of the awning, the use of the outside table and of the outdoor seats. Some municipalities are more tolerant and others more strict concerning free camping.

It takes about 90 minutes to collect the vehicle from the moment you come and you declare that you wish to get it, so that all the caravan functions can be fully updated. Deliveries of vehicles are made only at the company’s premises and during working hours. In special cases such as the arrival of aircraft beyond the working hours of the company, an arrangement is held.

Please adhere to the agreed return times / dates. In case the vehicle is returned after 12:00 and before 16:00 then unfortunately we will have to charge you 30€. Additional, if the vehicle is returned after 16:00 and before 21:00 then there will be a half day charge. In case the vehicle returns after 21:00 you will be charged a full day as well as possible compensation if the car is reserved by another customer. If you want to collect or return your car not in the scheduled hours, we offer this service with an additional charge of 60€.

The minimum rental period is 3 days for the whole year apart from the period July – August which is 7 days. For a smaller lease due to special occasion there should be arrangement.

Smoking is prohibited indoors as well as in the driver’s cab.

It is allowed to have a small size dog ONLY upon consultation and approval, with an extra charge of 150€ + VAT 24% for the biological cleaning treatment that will follow, to maintain our health and safety regulations.

You should inform the company immediately and not accept any claim from a third party if you have not been instructed by the company.

You immediately notify the police at number 100 and then the company for instructions.

Call the fire department immediately at 199, and if it is safe you are trying to extinguish the original hearth using the vehicle’s fire extinguishers. The company is then called for instructions.

The company provides a comprehensive insurance for all its vehicles.

A comprehensive insurance is required to travel abroad with the camper. The extra insurance cost will be charged to the renter which includes 200 km per day, with every extra kilometer additionally charged 0.25€/km. Roadside assistance is not included. Traveling to war zones or areas that have been damaged from natural disasters is not allowed.

We kindly ask you to comply with the agreeable hours/days of return. In case the vehicle is returned after 12:00 and before 16:00, there is an extra charge of 30€. In case the vehicle is returned from 16:00 to 21:00, there will be a half day charge. Finally, in case that the vehicle is returned after 21:00 you will be charged a full day with a possible compensation if the vehicle is booked by another client. If you want to pick up or return the vehicle outside of the scheduled hours, the service is offered with an additional charge of 60€.

  • 10 days rental, free camping set and beach set.
  • 15 days rental, free camping set, beach set, service fees.
  • 21 days rental, free camping set, beach set, service fees + 5% discount on rental cost.
  • 6-month prior rentals have a 10% discount.

During your rental period, post a photo on Facebook and Instagram cooking in front of the campervan at sunrise or sunset, next to the sea or in the mountains, tag our official channels and enjoy a 5% discount on your way back.